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Welcome to evc_daily (previously emilyvcamp_fans)! This community is in partnership with Emily VanCamp Online, the largest internet resource for the talented actress.

This LJ community focuses on news of the lovely versatile actress - Emily VanCamp. We strive to keep all fans up-to-date with her latest projects and media mentions, whether that be upcoming TV appearances, magazine features, new interviews, you name it. We also rely on the activity of the EVC fans to keep the community thriving, so please consider joining or watching the community. We are also open to any graphic contributions, such as icons, wallpapers, and any other fanart.

An Emily fan? What are you waiting for! Join! :]


- Please respect Emily and all members of the community here. (This is a given. Any inappropriate content and/or comments shall be deleted and the person responsible will be given a warning. If they are found out to cause trouble in the future, they will be banned. )

- No gossip on Emily's personal life. (Emily prefers to keep her private life private - we should abide to her wishes. While speculating is fun, this is not the community to do it. Hypothetically speaking, if Emily were to announce her engagement (remember we are hypothetically speaking, here), then that would be allowed since it is on her terms)

- If you have images to include in your entry, please make sure to put them under the cut (No more than 4 icons/images per preview, please)

- All spoilers MUST be clearly marked and under the cut.

- Have fun and enjoy!


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This community is maintained by x_serenade. Any questions or concerns should be sent to her via e-mail or LJ PM. Thank you.

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